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The mobile application of DEGIRO is basic but this works to its advantage as it makes the application extremely easy to use as compared to the other complex applications offering a plethora of features. The interface allows the users to trade in just seconds which allows them to trade with more accuracy.

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An exchange-traded fund, also called a tracker, is a product following a commodity, index, or bond. ETFs are purchased and sold on the stock exchange, and the ETF performance follows the price movements of the products in the funds.
Exceptions include Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Croatia, or Romania. .

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RSSFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedin Accueil > 📰 ActualitĂ©s > đŸ›ïž ActualitĂ©s des marchĂ©s financiers > ActualitĂ©s des courtiers > DEGIRO propose dĂ©sormais plusieurs ETF Bitcoin / Ethereum / Cryptos DEGIRO propose dĂ©sormais plusieurs ETF Bitcoin / Ethereum / Cryptos DEGIRO le courtier low-cost permet dĂ©sormais aux investisseurs l’accĂšs Ă  plusieurs ETN et ETC Bitcoin. Nul besoin de dĂ©tenir un compte crypto pour investir sur ces produits financiers liĂ©s au Bitcoin, puisque aucune cryptomonnaie n’est dĂ©tenue en direct. PubliĂ© le lundi 8 novembre 2021 par Denis Lapalus , mis Ă  jour le vendredi 12 novembre 2021 à 09 h 40
DEGIRO biedt via haar website een ‘Meest gestelde vragen’ pagina waarop je een antwoord kan krijgen op vragen die deze broker vaak ontvangt. Hiernaast kun je een mail sturen of de klantenservice elke werkdag van 8:00 tot 17:00 telefonisch bereiken. Dit kan momenteel in de volgende talen:

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You will also be pleased to know that DEGIRO recently launched a mobile app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. As per ratings on the Apple and Google Play stores, the app has been well-received. The mobile app allows you to access the same features that you will find on the desktop site – such as depositing and withdrawing funds, checking the value of your portfolio, and of course, opening or closing an investment.
Ausgesprochen schlechte Problembehandlung: Ich wollte meinen Wegzug ins Ausland steuerfrei stellen. Das dauert nun schon mehrere Monate an. Jedes Mal wird eine lapidare RĂŒckmeldung "haben wir weitergeleitet" gegeben und das Ticket flugs geschlossen. Eine Lösung lĂ€sst weiterhin auf sich warten. Und es handelt sich um ein Standardproblem.

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If you’re wondering why this is, the securities lending system is to help facilitate short-selling. Although Degiro notes that “guarantees the timely return of the lent assets with its own equity”, such a practice is frowned upon in several segments of the trading community.

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Melden Sie sich mit Ihrer E-Mail an, um Updates zu erhalten, wenn wir neue Börsenmakler, Banken und andere Finanzplattformen prĂŒfen. Wir werden nicht spammen und wir werden Ihre E-Mail-Adresse nicht an Dritte oder andere Websites weitergeben. Sie werden nur ĂŒber potenzielle EinfĂŒhrungsangebote aus unserer Liste bestehender Finanzinstitute oder neuer geprĂŒfter Institute, die auf dem Online-Markt von Interesse sind, informiert. Wir sind kein Finanzberatungsdienst. Über dieses Kontaktformular wird keine Anlageberatung erteilt.

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    With that said, the other account types do come with a range of additional perks – such as the ability to trade leveraged products, apply margin, and short-sell. Basic Active Trader Day Trader Custody Unprecedented low fees Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Trade Shares, Bonds, Investment Funds, and Trackers (ETFs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Trade Leveraged Products and Warrants Yes Yes Yes Yes No Debit Money (buying on margin) is available No Yes. Use up to 50% of your available margin Yes. Use up to 100% of your available margin. Yes. Use up to 100% of your available margin with additional margin during trading hours No Debit Securities (going short) is available No Yes Yes Yes No Trade Derivatives (Options, Futures) No Yes Yes Yes No Free real-time prices on Euronext exchanges Yes Yes Yes Yes No Free dividend and coupon processing Yes Yes Yes Yes No Degiro Fees & Commissions

    At the forefront of this is eToro, which offers one of the very best stock trading apps in the business The FCA-licensed investment app allows you to buy shares without paying a single penny in commission. There is no ongoing charge, nor do you need to pay a premium to invest in foreign companies. This is commission-free offering is available across 1,700+ shares from 17 stock exchanges. Charge per Trade Annual Fee Inactivity Fee Deposit/Withdrawal Fees Degiro ÂŁ1.75 + 0.014% on UK stocks Nothing on stocks, variable fee on funds ÂŁ0 ÂŁ0 eToro ÂŁ0 ÂŁ0 ÂŁ8 per month (after one year) ÂŁ4 per withdrawal
    CrĂ©e en 2008, DEGIRO est un courtier en ligne hollandais, dĂ©diĂ© dans un premier temps uniquement aux professionnels. Puis en 2013, il a lancĂ© son offre de courtage pour les particuliers. Elle rĂ©pond Ă  la philosophie « execution only », qui se concentre sur l’exĂ©cution des ordres de Bourse et qui permet Ă  Degiro de proposer des tarifs qui le place clairement parmi les courtiers en ligne les moins chers. Les droits de garde sont gratuits, il n’y a pas de frais ou de pĂ©nalitĂ© en cas d’inactivitĂ© et les frais de courtage sont les plus bas que l’on puisse trouver.

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    Wer mit diesen Nachteilen leben kann, fĂŒr den ist DEGIRO in jedem Fall ein geeigneter Anbieter. Wir vom Testdude nutzen den Broker selbst bereits einige Jahre und haben ihn besonders aufgrund der niedrigen GebĂŒhren schĂ€tzen gelernt.

    In den FAQs können Kunden nach LösungsvorschlÀgen oder ErklÀrungen suchen. Hier finden sich einfache Anleitungen zu hÀufigen Schwierigkeiten (wie funktionieren Abhebungen?, usw.).
    Besonders zu empfehlen auf Grund der Guten Übersicht und der schnellen Handelsmöglichkeit an sehr vielen HandelsplĂ€tzen.

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    Well, there is actually one broker in the UK share dealing scene that allows you to buy UK stocks without paying stamp duty – eToro. Not only that, but eToro allows you to buy shares in a 100% commission-free manner.

    Nevertheless, Degiro gives you access to over 50 stock exchanges in 30 countries. On top of major markets in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and Australia – you can also buy shares from companies based in less liquid economies. This includes the likes of Turkey, the Cheque Republic, Poland, Norway, and Ireland. Outside of its comprehensive stocks and shares department, Degiro also supports mutual funds and ETFs.
    Note that they also have two-step authentication available on their platform, which I really recommend activating to keep your account safe in case your password gets compromised.

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    This broker has several strict rules for bank transfer deposits; which means this broker will accept Bank transfers in the bank accounts linked to the trader’s name, that also from accepted countries only.

    am 29.01.2020 meldete ich wiederholt, dass die Dividendenbuchung nicht stimmen kann, von ursprĂŒnglichen EUR 48,99 erhielt ich EUR 6,76. Ich bat um Korrektur und um Information.
    As such, were you to invest the GBP equivalent of £5,000 into a mutual fund, you would initially pay €12.50 (€5 + €7.50). Then, for as long as you keep your funds with the provider, you will pay an annual fee of €10. Once again, this offers tremendous value.

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We sent several emails to Degiro and answer times overall were excellent. The fastest response from Degiro was less than 40 minutes and the slowest response was 2 days. Support response times may vary for you with Degiro, but this was our experience sending 10 emails at varying times.


When you’ve transferred the money, it will be available on the platform within 1-3 business days.

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