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According to the results of our review at DEGIRO, customers have to deal with an absolutely reliable and trustworthy partner in terms of safety and regulation. Founded in 2008, the online broker has always proved to be reputable and has always treated its customers fairly. No reports of irregularities in the processing of transactions or in the administration or disbursement of customer funds have come to light to date. However, customers do not only have to rely on the experience of other traders. The company is based in the Netherlands, where it is also regulated by the competent supervisory authority Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM).


Ich kann auch bestätigen, es geht gar nichts. Seit Mitte Januar 2020 versuche ich einen Übertrag. Es ist nicht möglich. Schriftlich, per E-mail, - telefonisch erreicht man gar niemand. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt. Ich glaube dort arbeitet gar niemand mehr. E-Mails, Briefe werden nicht beantwortet.
The good news is that DEGIRO recently re-optimized its entire site, so buying and selling investments at the broker has never been easier. For example, let’s say that you are interested in blue-chip companies listed on the US markets. All you need to do is click on shares, and then select the US from the drop-down box. Once you do, everything is laid out nicely. .

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DEGIRO has a minimalistic platform, trailing top competitors such as Saxo Markets and Interactive Brokers.
Notez que le support client est d’une grande réactivité. Toutefois, comparé aux standards du domaine, DEGIRO a encore du chemin à parcourir sur ce point pour atteindre la perfection. Vous pourriez espérer une réponse pendant les 2 heures qui suivent.

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Das Unternehmen gewährt europäischen Anlegern Zugang zu verschiedenen Märkten weltweit.
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In the unlikely event that the segregated assets cannot be returned to clients, DEGIRO falls under the German Investor Compensation Scheme, which compensates any losses from non-returned assets up to 90% (with a maximum of EUR 20,000).

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Head over to the UK DEGIRO homepage and select to open an account. If you visit the global site by mistake, you should be redirected automatically based on your IP address. As is the case with all online brokers, you will first need to provide some basic personal information. First and Last Name Home Address Date of Birth Nationality National Insurance Number Contact Details

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    Een uitbetaling van DEGIRO duurt maximaal vijf werkdagen waarbij je €10 betaalt voor opnames onder de €200. Deze opnames kun je doen vanaf €100 tot €100.000. Tegenover concurrenten is dit erg schappelijk.

    DEGIRO ist ein Discount-Broker, der sich bewusst auf das Angebot möglichst kostengünstiger Brokerage-Leistungen fokussiert hat. Damit verzichtet das Unternehmen vollständig auf das Angebot einer teuren Anlageberatung. Ohnehin ist diese meist wenig zielführend, weiß der Anleger selbst doch am besten, was er mit seinem Geld in Zukunft vorhat. Zudem schaffen es nur die wenigsten Anlageberater, wirklich diversifizierte Strategien auszuarbeiten.
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    Degiro is a popular online broker that allows you to invest in UK shares from just £1.75 per trade – plus 0.014%. While there are still cheaper options out there – this offers tremendous value. Additionally, Degiro gives you access to thousands of other assets – including foreign stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds, and more. These asset classes can also be purchases in a cost-effective manner.

    NOUVEAUTÉ !Qonto, la pépite française, la banque dédiée aux indépendants et TPE, a hésité longtemps avant de permettre l’usage des cryptomonnaies à ses clients. La crainte étant de s’embarquer sur des terrains (...)
    Overall, the trading platform’s order functions thus are a big plus in our DEGIRO evaluation – the broker leaves nothing to be desired in this regard.

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    Vendulko, pokud myslíte komentáře na daných stránkách, tipl bych si, že jsou nafikslované a žádné reálné komentáře tam nebudou.
    FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Die Aktien von Flatexdegiro haben sich am Donnerstag nach mehreren schwachen Tagen auf Erholungskurs begeben. Am Vortag hatten sie sich noch mit 17,14 Euro ihrem Tief seit Mitte Januar genähert, nun ging es mit zuletzt 18,44 ...

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    Easybourse, le courtier en ligne du groupe de la Banque Postale propose actuellement une offre de bienvenue exceptionnelle, à 3 niveaux : 100% de vos éventuels frais de transfert remboursés, (...)

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    After seeing which markets you can invest in, let’s take a look at the financial products offered through the platform:

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The platform's simplicity may not be as engaging and enjoyable for those who are more experienced in investment trading. Still, considering the consumer pool DEGIRO targets, the platform's easy-to-understand nature is the right thing to do!

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Options allow you to speculate on the future price of an asset without you needing to take ownership. Instead, by paying a small non-refundable premium, you are given the option, but not the obligation, to purchase the asset at a later date. Take note, options are not for the newbie trader, as they are more suited to seasoned investors. Nevertheless, if you do want to engage with options trading at DEGIRO, the platform supports several US and European markets.

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