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Delayed market data is available to all customers by default but in order to receive real-time streaming data, the customers have to subscribe to the respective exchange which costs between €2.50 – €10.00 per month.

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Jetzt ist 22.00, die CFD Platform funzt immernoch nicht, meine Positionen bleiben uber die Nacht offen, gottseidank habe ich stop-loss gesetzt.
Even charting and predictions fall by the wayside. They exist, but they’re very much average and cater to those just getting started with investing. DEGIRO also doesn’t offer basic features like stock alerts. .

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Est-ce que vous avez une question? Nos experts sont là pour y répondre.Posez votre question ici – le prêt d’actions…dans les conditions il est écrit que DEGIRO se réserve le droit de prêter vos actions à d’autres (limité à 30%) – la responsabilité partagée en cas de mauvaises transactions….sur les prêts d’actions ? c’est pas très clair et il faudrait qu’un expert financier se penche sur la question, pour savoir quel risque on encourt réellement. Le prêt d’actions pourrait expliquer pourquoi, un client n’a pas pu obtenir la vente de ses actions à la date prévue, même si les liquidités le permettaient ! En effet si les actions étaient prêtées et de ce fait non disponibles ? Je vous demande, en tant que spécialistes, de vérifier et éventuellement corriger , et si c’était nécessaire modifier vôtre article , pour tenir compte de ces éléments.
Opening an account on DEGIRO is also very easy. It's completely online which I love, and they don't require any initial deposit on the account. In my case, the account was opened within one day, but it can take up to 2 to 3 days. You will just need to fill their forms, and then upload a copy of your ID card or passport. You'll also need to provide the IBAN of the bank account you want to use for deposits and to receive withdrawals.

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According to many DEGIRO reviews, concern among traders on matters relating to the security and safety of their funds is common. This is mainly because the platform is an inexpensive broker with extremely low trading fees. Even though it is not completely secure, the stock broker is fully regulated by financial regulatory bodies, namely – the Nederlandsche Bank, the AFM in Dutch, and the FCA(Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom.
DEGIRO is regulated by the UK’s FCA, as well as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank.

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DEGIRO’s web-based platform is perfect for executing trades, despite not being the most advanced trading site in the industry.

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In den FAQs können Kunden nach Lösungsvorschlägen oder Erklärungen suchen. Hier finden sich einfache Anleitungen zu häufigen Schwierigkeiten (wie funktionieren Abhebungen?, usw.).

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    So to summarise, as the UK is such an important market, getting the FCA authorisation for EU firms makes perfect sense and there is a system in place by the FCA to manage the transition.

    Opening an account is incredibly rapid, which means new traders can typically have an account ready to use within a single day.
    am 10.01.2020 meldete ich über die Post-Funktion, dass Flatex meine Dividende meiner Carnival-Aktie nicht korrekt gebucht hat (Flatex hat 3 x Korrekturbuchungen durchgeführt ohne Kundeninfo!). Bis zum 27.01.2020 überhaupt keine Reatkion von Flatex, er wurde auch nichts korriegiert, die schriftliche Postanfrage wurde einfach am 28.01.2020 abgeschlossen (mit der Begründung, dass es technische Probleme gab!?)

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    Selling shares in the Degiro app works in exactly the same as the purchasing process explained above – but in reverse. That is to say, you simply need to click on the stock that you want to sell (from within your portfolio), alongside the number of shares.

    schon sehr peinlich was Flatex so treibt. Ich werds mir nich mehr lange mit anschauen.
    However, DEGIRO isn't for experienced traders looking for in-depth analysis and more advanced trading options. If you have significant experience and want to trade more complex things, you'll probably want another brokerage altogether.

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    Danach hat sich allerdings die Korrektur fortgesetzt. Zu einem starken Rutsch kam es dann im Jahr 2020 aufgrund der Corona Krise. So hat der weltweite Lockdown dafür gesorgt, dass die Kurse bis auf 9.200 USD eingebrochen sind. Dieser Bereich wurde allerdings erneut von vielen Anlegern dazu genutzt, um BTC zu kaufen. Seither haben sich die Kurse hervorragend entwickelt. Bitcoin ETFs bei DEGIRO kaufenGeld anlegen kann sich finanziell lohnen, aber es ist nicht ohne Risiko. Sie können (einen Teil) Ihre(r) Einlage verlieren. Der Bitcoin erreicht immer neue Allzeithochs

    Moreover, DEGIRO manages to provide its retail clients with the same low rates, low transaction costs, and opportunities that used to be available to professional clients only. Also, the brokerage offers a drop-down of cost calculator, which lets you know the costs that you need to pay when trading. It is an appropriate broker for traders of long term investments. It is a no-frills stockbroker.
    The main asset classes offered by DEGIRO is that of traditional stocks and shares. Not only does this cover the UK markets, but more than 30 international exchanges. Regarding the latter, this includes companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), as well as the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

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    DEGIRO is governed, supervised, and regulated by reputable and recognized financial regulatory agencies, and they are –

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    In terms of its reputation in the public domain, this varies somewhat depending on which platform you use. For example, its Android trading app has a rating of 4.2/5 on Google Play, which is good – albeit, this could be better. With that said, Degiro has a very poor rating on TrustPilot of 3/5. This is across 1,244 individual reviews, which is fairly comprehensive.

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There currently is no customer referral program. However, you should keep in mind that DEGIRO offers rather favourable trading conditions. Therefore, the broker does without expensive trainings or a demo account, while lots of useful information can be found on the website. Moreover, the customer support team is available to all traders with further questions or in case of any uncertainties.

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We carefully assess each online finance website to strict standards and compare them across a wide range of criteria. Although each company will always have a slightly different set of advantages and disadvantages to their platform, the assessments are based on general performance, reliability, bonuses given, and other factors which are usually found or sought after in all financial institutions.

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Si vous décidez d’ouvrir un compte chez le courtier DEGIRO, vous devez connaître au préalable les différentes caractéristiques de lu logiciel. Voici un aperçu des fonctionnalités et des services proposés :

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Den Anbieter gibt es seit nunmehr sieben Jahren und auch unsere eigenen DEGIRO Erfahrungen zeugen von zuverlässiger Arbeit. Natürlich bringt das Investment an sich ein gewisses Risiko mit sich, allerdings ist man auf der Plattform gut aufgehoben, da man nicht mit versteckten Gebühren zu kämpfen hat und auch sonst gut vom Anbieter betreut wird. Reguliert wird der Direktbroker von den niederländischen Behörden. Im DEGIRO Test ist uns hierzu folgender Hinweis auf der Webseite des Brokers aufgefallen.

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