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Die Kontoeröffnung bei DEGIRO unterscheidet sich durch einige wesentliche Faktoren vom Kontoeröffnungsprozess bei anderen Brokern. Während diese nämlich nach der Registrierung eine Verifizierung fordern, die in der Regel entweder durch die Zusendung eines Identitäts- und eines Wohnsitznachweises oder mithilfe des Post-Ident-Verfahrens vonstattengeht, nimmt DEGIRO die Verifizierung im Grunde komplett automatisch vor.

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As per the review, DEGIRO allows traders to deposit and withdraw their funds through several payment methods, and each of the methods operates to provide a better inclusive trading environment.
DEGIRO also allows you to leverage some of your stocks and ETFs. DEGIRO allows you to buy on margin while accessing very low interest rates. You can also use options for leverage. .

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Il est en outre autorisé par la Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) au Royaume-Uni et le courtier est aussi autorisé à offrir ses services par l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).
When it comes to ETF fees at Degiro, the platform charges a universal rate of € 2.00 + 0.03%. This is the case irrespective of which market or exchange the ETF is listed on. If you were to invest £2,000 into an ETF listed on the London Stock Exchange, you would pay € 2.00 + € 0.60, totalling € 2.60 If you were to invest £5,000 into an ETF listed in the US, you would pay € 2.00 + € 1.50, totalling € 3.50

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You can open an account with DEGIRO if you have a bank account in your name in: Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Austria, Portugal or the United Kingdom. Go to this link and select your country. You can click on Open an account on the top right. Insert your email address and your username. Once you’ve completed that, you will be asked to confirm your email.After you’ve confirmed your email, you can log into the DEGIRO platform.Now you will be asked to provide the required personal information to verify your identity. After that, you will be asked to upload your identity proof.Choose the type of account that you want to use. Can choose between a Custody, Basic, Active, Trader & Day Trader account. I would recommend choosing Basic when you are starting, as this is the account that comes with the free ETF trading. Agree to the conditionsTransfer money to your investment accountDeposit & Fund Your DEGIRO Account
Coming to ETFs (exchange-traded funds), they can be both leveraged and non-leveraged. Unlike the regular ETFs in which the ETF’s values are comparable to the underlying assets’ values, it is possible to buy leveraged ETFs. In the case of leveraged ETF, traders can borrow funds from the issuing party and invest more in the assets than the amount usually invested. The leveraged ETFs are relatively focused and complicated on short-term outcomes. They usually have high costs, risks and uncertainties involved. Hence, these are less suitable, especially for beginner investors.

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    Seriousness and reliability cannot always be taken for granted in this industry, as some black sheep unfortunately show time and again. In our review of the broker DEGIRO we would like to consider not only the question of whether it is a serious broker, but above all the conditions for traders.

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    Anyhow, every time you place a trade, it will appear a confirmation window, where you will see the estimated direct costs (95% of the time that is what you will be charged) before placing an order, so don’t worry about buying something without knowing beforehand the dealing costs (the currency conversion fees do not appear on this window). However, fees vary from country to country, so please make sure to check your country’s fees here.

    DEGIRO gives you 13 options markets, and this is where it looks a bit competitive as compared to Saxo Bank broker.
    Es ist eine Schweinerei von Flatex feste Kundenorders zum Nachteil des Kunden abzuändern und auszuführen!

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    Hi , My primary interest is buying shares on the “AIM” market in UK . Is this possible on Degiro ?
    In 2013 DEGIRO launched its online retail broker in The Netherlands and has since expanded across 18 European countries. This has enabled retail investors throughout Europe to benefit from DEGIRO’s highly competitive commission structure which are on average 80% lower than local competitors, making DEGIRO one of the most competitive platforms in the world. Trading platforms: DEGIRO WebTraderMinimum Deposit : 0 $ Deposit currency : Entry to stock exchanges NASDAQ (US)CME (USA)NYMEX (USA)Eurex (EU)Euronext (ES)LSE (United Kingdom)TSE (Japan)VSE (Austria)

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    If you’re looking to place more sophisticated stock trades, the Degiro app offers heaps of order types. Day Order Good Till Cancelled Limit Order Market Order Stop Loss Stop Limit Trailing Stop Leverage Products and Margin

    If you want to diversify by purchasing shares from non-UK markets, this can be achieved via the Degiro app with ease.
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Degiro is a popular online broker that allows you to invest in UK shares from just £1.75 per trade – plus 0.014%. While there are still cheaper options out there – this offers tremendous value. Additionally, Degiro gives you access to thousands of other assets – including foreign stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds, and more. These asset classes can also be purchases in a cost-effective manner.

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This is a great question. Official feedback from Degiro is as follows: Degiro is “Deemed authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The nature and extent of consumer protections may differ from those for firms based in the UK. Details of the Temporary Permissions Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the UK for a limited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website”.

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