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“Vous avez déclaré être résident fiscal d’un pays où DEGIRO n’offre pas ses services. En raison d’un changement de politique, nous ne fournirons dorénavant plus nos services aux clients ayant cette résidence fiscale. Par conséquent, nous avons le regret de vous informer que votre compte DEGIRO va faire l’objet d’une clôture. Conformément à l’article 16.2 du Contrat Client, nous mettrons officiellement fin à ce dernier le 31 décembre 2020.”

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In den FAQs können Kunden nach Lösungsvorschlägen oder Erklärungen suchen. Hier finden sich einfache Anleitungen zu häufigen Schwierigkeiten (wie funktionieren Abhebungen?, usw.).
DEGIRO is the perfect choice for traders who want a simple platform without having to spend an awful lot on fees. It is a lot cheaper than some of its bigger European competitors, with few coming close to even competing with DEGIRO’s current fee listings. .

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Degiro is an Online Brokerage Company from the Netherlands that provides its services to customers throughout Europe.
Please note that the list of Degiro payment methods below depend on the Degiro Entity and the Clients Country of Residence.

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DEGIRO offers structured products that include different financial instruments used by investors. Structured products include warrants, certificates, turbos, and many more. These products help in achieving high returns, but they are usually accompanied by high risk and high cost.
Die Informationen auf dem Portal Bö und den angeschlossenen Internetseiten richten sich nur an Personen, die ihren dauerhaften Wohnsitz/Sitz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland haben. Sie sind nicht für Empfänger in anderen Jurisdiktionen, insbesondere nicht für US-Staatsbürger, Bürger Großbritanniens oder Kanadas bestimmt.

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Auch wer mit DEGIRO oder allgemein mit dem Aktienhandel noch nicht so viele Erfahrungen machen konnte, wird sich also auf einen gutes, seriöses und simples Trading-Erlebnis einstellen dürfen. Die App zeugt von Qualität und einer intelligenten modernen Herangehensweise an den Aktienhandel. Die Einfachheit und klare Struktur überzeugen also abermals im DEGIRO Test.

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The market order, limit order, stop limit order, and stop loss order types are available. There are also so-called join orders, which can be placed for all products except investment funds. According to the price list, investors receive a discount of 5% of the variable fee when a join order is placed. The discount applies exclusively to shares and the cumulative rebates are credited to the customer’s account at the end of a calendar quarter.

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    If you’re looking to buy bonds at Degiro, the fees associated with this are as follows:

    DEGIRO is believed to be safe and secure since it is regulated and continuously checked for conduct by major regulatory bodies – FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), DNB (The Dutch Central Bank and the AFM (The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets). Additional security is provided by using tier-1 banks that measure the banks’ financial strength and health. The deposits made by investors are stored in a segregated account. This means the funds are protected against the platform’s insolvency.
    The Degiro phone support team were able to successfuly answer our questions and issues over the phone. We tested the multilingual Degiro team by calling in varying languages. Degiro made an effort to make sure our queries were answered.


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    Sowas habe ich noch nicht erlebt ... sind alle gleich die ganzen Broker neuerdings...
    Is DEGIRO safe? We think so. Read our DEGIRO review to see why this site could be a great option for anyone wishing to take their online trading up a level. Just remember that cryptocurrencies aren’t available to trade yet.

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    However, DEGIRO isn't for experienced traders looking for in-depth analysis and more advanced trading options. If you have significant experience and want to trade more complex things, you'll probably want another brokerage altogether.

    DEGIRO will now ask you for some information about your financial background. This includes your employment status, annual income, and the name and address of your employer. You will also need to provide some information about your prior trading experience. This is to ensure that you have a firm grasp of the risks of trading, and you are aware you can lose money. You won’t be refused an account based on the answers you give. Instead, it’s to gauge whether or not certain financial products should be offered to you.
    The only way you can “fuel” your brokerage account in Degiro with money is via wire transfer, directly from the bank account you have stated during your registration.

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    De website is namelijk beveiligd door de SSL technologie. SSL technologie zorgt ervoor dat alle data versleuteld verstuurd wordt tussen website en gebruiker. Zo kunnen uw gegevens niet door derden worden gelezen.

    Außerdem haben Terminkontrakte immer ein Verfallsdatum. Sobald dieses erreicht ist, müssen neue Terminkontrakte gekauft werden. Dies ist mit Kosten verbunden. Im Endeffekt führt dies dazu, dass sich die Gewinne für die Anleger bei den ETF reduzieren.
    That’s the place you will find you need to complete the wire transfer (IBAN, Bank Name, Beneficiaty Name, BIC, etc).

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On the other hand, Ripple has taken a stronger approach to tackle the situation. The company is releasing its “realistic approach” to the digital asset and crypto regulation in the United States. The approach, as it appears, will restrict regulatory bodies’ role in moderating cryptocurrencies.

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Découvrez les différentes étapes qui vous permettent d’ouvrir une position trading sur DEGIRO.

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- Registration process is unclear with the same questions being asked in different ways again and again and again. Do not use - they try to withhold your assets

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In addition to this, DEGIRO offers access to 30 international exchanges spanned across Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. This is accommodated through Direct to Market access or Smart Order Routing (SOR) through Morgan Stanley.

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